About Number One

As one of the oldest gay dive bars still operating in Hillcrest, #1 Fifth Avenue holds a special place in the heart of the neighborhood and San Diego. For nearly 40 years, #1 Fifth Avenue has stood tall and proud during the test of time while always maintaining its culture and history.

Number One continues to strive and has always been a place where diversity is welcomed, friendships flourish, drinks are excellent and where people can relax, have fun and feel safe!

#1 Fifth Avenue has also been a constant recipient of numerous awards throughout the years; including “Best Gay Bar” and “Best Neighborhood Bar” each year.

In July 2019, #1 was purchased by a new trio (Brian, Kevin & Stefan) who have loved the bar and have been regular patrons for years. The new ownership is looking forward to carry on #1 legacy of being San Diego’s gay dive bar and improving customer experience whilst not taking away the essence of the iconic institution.